Detective Jeremy Edmonson joined the Clovis Police Department as an officer on July 1, 2007. His peers voted him Clovis Police Officer of the Year for 2014. Detective Edmonson earned his POST Advanced Certification, fulfilling all of its requirements. Jeremy is a leader. He has been called the busiest guy in the department but will never say "no" when someone else needs immediate help.

Jeremy pushes himself to become better to all of his commitments. He did an amazing job running the first Clovis Police wiretap. It was a huge undertaking, yet he was determined to close his investigation. He successfully utilized the investigative tool. Detective Edmonson teaches Defensive Tactics and is always trying to come up with new, exciting ways to train his peers. Jeremy writes lesson plans that challenge the officers and build confidence.

He is always ready to drop what he is doing to help someone else. He shares his wealth of knowledge about investigations, SWAT, defensive tactics, and as an OC instructor. He is friendly and approachable. Detective Edmonson's Sergeant says, "If Jeremy has an idea, stop and listen to it." Officers come to his desk several times a day because he is willing to listen, offer instruction, guidance, or whatever else is necessary for their case. This includes senior officers, new officers, and fellow detectives.

Detective Edmonson never accepts that he that he cannot solve a case that seems like it is hopeless. He finds a way to explore all leads and uses creativity to solve a case. He will note ask anyone else to do something that he not willing to do. Jeremy will not just say "I don't know" to any question when discussing a case. He immediately picks up a source book or launches into an internet search, to make sure he has the right answer. He is confident in his ability and uses his good relationships with other agencies to ask for help when needed or offer to help when possible.

Jeremy is an expert in phones/cell phones and offers a 3-hour training course for all investigators emphasizing the value and interpreting from companies the best way to do things. He also offers briefing training on the subject of surround and call out tactics. He is called both a relentless investigator and a kind soul. If you are the subject of this investigation, we pity you! But if you are his friend, we envy you. He embodies everything the Clovis Police Department Stands for. Congratulations to the Clovis Police Officer of the Year 2014, Jeremy Edmonson. 

Det. Jeremy Edmonson

Clovis Hall Of Fame